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This blog collects supplemental data on lesser worlds of the solar system (like Pluto and Titan) that have not (yet) been included in our books. You may contribute to our blog with brief articles that we will on your request also translate for our monolingual audience. The only precondition: Your content must in some way relate to dwarf planets or large moons of the solar system.

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Sonntag, 24. Februar 2019

Free download of the ebook version

The English ebook version of our latest publication may be downloaded for free from today till next Thursday:

The world was moved to pity when the little Philae spacecraft jumped on Rosetta’s comet into its undoing.

But the European parent probe, Rosetta, continued to orbit the ‘rubber duck‘ comet with the ineffable name and made amazing discoveries. Is 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko really a messenger from that part of the solar system in which the dwarf planets are orbiting: a baby pluto, so to speak?

The Rosetta mission has long since been concluded. Its findings are summarized in this book that also presents impressive images of comet 67P.

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